Waste-free fresh clean air


The domestic conditioning focuses on smart technologies that allow the appliance operation at high cooling performances, while controlling energy consumptions, the environmental impact and the indoor air quality.

Efficient in granting comfort and air purified from polluting agents, viruses and bacteria in home-interior environments. Designed to optimize operation processes through the attentive energy control. Featuring flexible intuitive use also from remote due to connectivity. Besides, with sophisticated aesthetics that integrates with different furnishing solutions. Household conditioners are more and more versatile performing appliances thanks to smart component equipment.

All-round purification
The research and the technological innovation of materials and functions of the domestic conditioner have found a fundamental reference issue in the green approach and in the reduction of energy consumptions. Besides, naturally, the attention to the indoor air quality. Furthermore, precisely the synergy among these elements provides advantages. At Haier’s, explains Marcomatteo Stefani, Managing Director of Haier AC Italy, «among the technological innovations and the specific functions addressing sustainability and energy saving, Jade by Haier uses the Self-Clean system that removes bacteria while keeping the evaporator always clean, and Steri-Clean 56°C that removes bacteria and viruses from the heat exchanger, raising the evaporator’s temperature to 56°C for 30 minutes. At the same time, the Self-Clean function shares in the energy saving, keeping the unit operation always optimal, and consequently also consumptions, by cleaning the exchanger». The remote control is performed through hOn app by Haier that, in addition to Jade conditioner, enables the remote management of all household appliances by Haier Group. «With one’s own smartphone, it is possible to monitor air temperature and quality even when we are not at home. Comfortable for users, this system allows reducing wastes and an important energy consumption saving. Precisely the use flexibility and connectivity result in users’ demand for the possibility of controlling the household appliances equipping their houses with a remote management and of achieving, with the aid of the Artificial Intelligence, intuitive and total user friendliness and control experience». In recent times, more and more attention is paid to the quality of the indoor environment. «The air treatment has become priority and consumers’ requirement is the certainty of living in environments with clean air. Jade by Haier grants a powerful purification of the indoor air: the all-in-one purifier and conditioner has IFD filter able to eliminate up to 99.9% of pollens, bacteria and mould according to the result tested by TUV Rheinland laboratory».

Jade conditioner and purifier by Haier

The components and the devices designed to improve the conditioners’ saving and use performances are in the forefront. «Units’ sizes are more and more optimized to provide the highest efficiency with the least footprint and user-friendly installation. The compressor and the control electronics (Inverter) are purposely designed to operate together, always granting the maximum performance under any work condition. The single board components have been chosen and tested to be able to grant a higher and higher reliability degree. The exchanger is “modelled” around the fan to obtain to highest possible airflow and the lowest noise». Moreover, «we are equipping the whole range of residential and commercial products with technologies able to purify air from viruses, bacteria or polluting agents, and sanitize conditioners’ components, too. The IFD filter, being removable, can be easily washed and reused, enabling a notable economic saving and always ensuring the same efficiency, without reducing it in time. It does not provide for any particular maintenance, unlike common filters that, to be efficacious, must be often replaced, so increasing the number of wastes to be disposed».

Consumptions and indoor air under control
Fewer energy consumptions, more environmental comfort and connectivity. In the opinion of Samsung, these are the reference issues for innovation in the domestic conditioning sector. As specifies Samuele Fratini, Product Marketing Manager of Air Conditioning Business of Samsung Electronics Italia, «WindFree is the unique patented technology by Samsung that marks innovation in the conditioning ambit. It allows reaching the maximum comfort due to the presence of thousands of micro-holes that release air like a pleasant breeze according to the “still air” modality. ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers), defines “Still Air” as air currents at a speed under 0.15 m/s and without the presence of cold currents. The WindFree technology is engineered to operate in two phases: “first the fast cooling takes place through the open flap, up to the achievement of the wished temperature; once reached the temperature, the flap automatically closes and cold goes on spreading homogeneously through thousands of micro-holes. WindFree range allows reduced consumptions in both refreshing and heating, due to the compressor with Digital Inverter Boost technology that, with neodymium magnets and the double-tube silencer, works efficiently, is silent and lasts much longer. Moreover, it decreases the energy consumption up to 73%, according to the test carried out on AR09TXCAAWKNEU model in comparison with the traditional Samsung AQ09TSLXEA model». The SmartThings app, compatible with thousands of devices, allows controlling devices and consumptions from remote, establishing the chosen temperature, granting the indoor air quality and switching on the conditioner even when we are not at home. «Today’s consumers pay more and more attention to the new requirements of use flexibility, connectivity and air purification, and address new products that include various technologies. In the purification ambit, Samsung proposes WindFree Pure 1.0 conditioner, equipped with the powerful electromagnetic PM 1.0 filter, which acts as air purifier. This filter not only captures the ultra-fine dusts down to 0.3 μm, but it inactivates also determinate types of bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Moreover, through the laser sensor, the unit can measure the air quality in the room in real time, warning when the atmospheric pollution reaches a high level. The connection through the SmartThings apps allows receiving notifications about the air status also from remote, enabling to activate the purification modality directly from the smartphone. Still the app sends a notification to inform when the exchanger must be cleaned». The conditioner is also provided with two functions dedicated to cleaning: «with Auto Clean the heat exchanger is dried after any use, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and the formation of bad smells. With the Freeze Wash function, instead, the heat exchanger is frozen and, through the ice melting, dirt and 90% of microorganisms like Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli are swept away, according to the test carried out by Intertek». Particular attention to the energy saving, too.

Windfree Pure 1.0 by Samsung

«Through the “Energy Management” package, it is possible to monitor one’s own consumptions and, integrating specific measuring devices of the electric energy, we can keep also all home consumptions under control and manage current loads. Still with the target of improving energy saving performances, Samsung conditioners exploit the Artificial Intelligence to use appliances even more efficiently, through the analysis of the conditions of the environment where they are installed, of temperatures and of the preferred cooling modalities, automatically establishing the most suitable setup. WindFree Elite model relies on the sensor for the motion detection, which allows suiting the different use conditions and automatically switching on and off, to save energy. If the motion detect sensor does not detect any motion for 20minutes, it automatically activates the WindFree modality to save energy. Moreover, it is also possible to install the conditioner so that it does not direct air directly towards people, or so that fresh follows any motion».

Technology and design for comfort
Sustainability and energy saving have always been the two assets that guide the development of LG Electronics products for the domestic conditioning. «Our whole offer is provided with DUAL inverter technology that allows suiting the power delivered according to users’ actual needs – says Gianluca Figini, Air Solution Director of LG Electronics Italia -, reducing switching on and off cycles. In particular, the LG DUAL Inverter compressor grants the highest cooling efficiency, permitting to reach the desired temperature 32%-faster than a similar power model with conventional compressor, and it enables a maximum 70% energy saving according to TUV Rheinland certification». Moreover, speaking of environmental sustainability, «LG conditioners use R32 refrigerant gas, which assures a high efficiency and cooling performance versus conventional refrigerants such as R410A». The models of residential range with integrated Wi-Fi «allow monitoring consumptions through the application for LG ThinQ smartphone, enabling to analyse use habits and making eventual modifications and managing conditioners from remote by selecting the wished setups. We have worked hard at connectivity to manage the vast majority of our conditioners’ functions from remote, controlling their switching on and off, main setups and consumptions, and permitting to manage them through third parties’ vocal assistants, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home». Innovation pursues the indoor air quality, too. «The most appreciated functions include those concerning the air purification with the inclusion in the range, since 2019, of DUALCOOL Atmosfera conditioner, equipped with ionizer, PM1.0 sensor and magnetic filter to improve the air quality.

Artcool by LG Electronics

Afterwards, we have introduced, on Atmosfera models as well as on DUALCOOL Deluxe and ARTCOOL Mirror, the filtering system AirCare Complete System that keeps both the air released by the conditioner and the unit itself fresh and clean; UVnano technology, which allows eliminating bacteria that might nest on the fan of the indoor unit so that they are not released into the environment; and Allergy Filter, which allows removing the substances contained in air, such as dust mites, pollen, fungi and mold, which can cause allergies. The Auto-Cleaning function prevents humidity from concentrating in the inner unit, preventing the formation of mold and bacteria, as well as the diffusion of bad smells».
Together with technology, even the eye wants its part. «We attentively work at design to make our products distinctive and perfectly adaptable to any domestic environment. According to this vision, we have enlarged our offer by introducing the new ARTCOOL Gallery conditioner, provided with an LCD 27-inch screen of which it is possible to customize contents, choosing in a broad range of beautiful static and animated images, or selecting one’s own preferred photos».