Ilva Glass: 4K Full Color Vision technology for the induction hob


The 4k Full Color Vision technology enriches Ilva GlassELECTA glass ceramic by combining aesthetics and functionality. The company supports its customers in the design of new, impacting products on the aesthetic level thanks to the control panels and areas that can light up in a wide range of colors. With this technology, it’s possible to choose which color to illuminate various areas of the hob, using the color to obtain visual information on the appliance functionality. This amplifies the interaction between end user and product. “For example – the company explains – it is possible to indicate the cooking intensity of each plate, displaying it with different color scales, so that at a glance it is possible to understand how much the hob and the single fire is heating up. Or assign different colors to the various controls on the panel, making sure that even from a distance you can immediately understand which hob function is active (hood, burners, cooking timer, etc.)”. The technical department of Ilva Glass is able to develop co-design paths with customers and partners.