Miele’s technologies in the new Aerium laundry cabinet


Miele expands its product range with the new Aerium laundry cabinet, equipped with Knock2open (feature already present in the company’s dishwashers) that, after two short, light taps, opens the door automatically. In this product a wide variety of textiles can be freshened up or dried: the air is distributed throughout the entire cabinet and cleaned by passing it through a HEPA filter. Any particles, such as pollen, spores, dust or other allergens, are removed. In the appliance, there are five special-purpose hangers (AeroHangers) which allow garments to be aired on the inside as well as outside. Besides, on the air-permeable shelf hats or even cuddly toys can be freshened up. And there is space also for shoes, caps or gloves on the hinged air and steam outlets (AeroBars). The technology in this unit is hidden away down at the bottom: this is where the energy-saving heat pump is located which uses the climate-friendly coolant R290 which has proven its worth in Miele tumble dryers. Here, too, is the steam generator which produces steam to smooth and refresh laundry, a unit which already features in Miele steam ovens. The technology also includes two 1.4 l tanks, one for fresh water and the other for waste water. In addition, the product presents three programmes: PowerFresh (it refreshes clothing using steam, thereby reducing creases and pleating and combatting odours), DryFresh (for delicate garments) and AutoDry (for gentle drying of textiles of all types). After 45 minutes (PowerFresh and DryFresh) garments are ready for removal from the unit. Manual adjustment of the time is possible to take into account various fabrics, the intensity of odours and the number of items. In all programmes, textiles are optionally scented using Miele’s FragranceDos feature: the intensity of fragrance can be adjusted individually. Besides, the Hygiene option can be added to each of these three programmes: the innovative Hyonic Plasma technology generates an ionized air that renders almost all allergens, bacteria and viruses harmless at low temperatures, so that even delicate textiles are gently refreshed or dried. The unit is operated via a touch interface which is not visible when the appliance is switched off (the laundry cabinet can also be controlled via the Miele app). Aerium is available in two versions: Obsidian black and brilliant white; optionally a wooden housing unit can be ordered.