LG: wireless transmission and reception of 6G THz data over 500 meters


LG announced the successful wireless transmission and reception of 6G terahertz (THz) data over 500 meters, the longest distance recorded in any 6G test conducted in an outdoor, urban area to date. Run jointly with LG U+, the test took place at the beginning of this month at LG Sciencepark in Magok, Seoul. This latest achievement follows the company’s successful 2022 test, when it sent and received 6G THz data wirelessly over a distance of 320 meters outdoors at the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany. LG and Fraunhofer cooperated to develop core equipment for 6G transmission and reception, including a multi-channel power amplifier and a receiver low-noise amplifier, which helped optimize performance and improve output by more than 50 percent. “The recent test at LG Sciencepark – the company explains – is significant not only because LG increased the wireless transmission and reception distance to 500 meters – the standard distance for high-powered base stations in urban areas – but also because it verified the usability of 6G in various ‘real world’ communication scenarios, including building-to-building, building-to-ground terminal and ground-to-ground terminals. The company is now one step closer to commercializing 6G THz communications. The evolution of 5G, 6G telecommunications will enable significantly increased data rate as well as ultra-low latency, high-reliability data transmission, and the combination of communications and AI, and communications and sensing. In addition to facilitating immersive multimedia experiences, the advanced capabilities of 6G will be crucial for several of LG’s ‘future’ businesses, including autonomous driving and mobility solutions, the metaverse, smart homes and smart factories”. Discussions on 6G network standardization are expected to begin around 2025, with commercialization slated for 2029.