Alper’s flexible heaters for professional coffee machines


Since 1992 Alper has been designing and producing ultra-thin flexible heaters. The foil heaters are adaptable at multiple applications: the heating element consists of a thin PET sheet printed by silk-screen printing with conductive carbon and silver ink, all protected by another thin PET layer. “For the Ho.Re.Ca sector – the company explains –, Alper brings its contribution to professional coffee machines. Flexible heaters are indispensable for an extraction of an excellent coffee. Quality of the beans is not the unique factor that affects the taste of coffee. The drink, to preserve its best flavor, must not variate its temperature throughout the process until it reaches the cup. The secret between an espresso and a good espresso is in not interrupting the heating chain. Alper makes the difference because is attentive to details. Flexible heating solutions perfectly fit the dispensing unit of coffee machines. The metallic material of which this component is composed, can cool the temperature of the water (coming from the boiler) that passes through it, consequently altering the temperature of the coffee drink. The heat of the heating elements is localized to maintain constant temperature levels. A heated cup is a treat. Alper flexible flat heating elements adapt to the cup warmer surface of the coffee machine. Enjoying coffee in a hot cup is a pleasure on a sensory level but, beyond that, the real function of the heated cup is to keep the coffee foam thick and frothy. Electric cup warmers equipped with Alper polyester film heaters serve cups at the right temperature for tasty cappuccinos”. The technical team of the company is able to provide customer assistance, developing tailor-made solutions.