Davy: ergonomics and customization in handles for vacuum cleaners


The range of products realized by Davy includes the ergonomic handles for vacuum cleaners, customizable and with adjustment devices. “We produce – the company explains – handles for the insertion of brushes and accessories and their use in comfort, making them in high quality plastic, designed to offer maximum strength and durability. The design is carried out with attention to ergonomics, so as to make it possible to use the vacuum cleaner maintaining a natural and non-fatiguing position of the operator’s hand, especially with large diameter pipes such as those used in the industrial environment; in addition to this, and depending on the customer’s requests, it is possible to carry out customizations of shape and size to optimize the air flow”. All Davy handles are equipped with an easy-to-use mechanical vacuum cleaning regulator. Particular attention is payed to the choice of plastics: the body is shockproof so as not to be damaged in the event of collision with furniture and walls, while the ring nut is in self-lubricating material – which facilitates rotation – and the cap is made of soft plastic to make it easier for the operator to grip.