Steam cooking: the technologies of Siemens iQ700 ovens


Steam cooking allows to cook or regenerate food using the advantages of steam: user can thus cook in a healthier way, preserving nutrients and maintaining the consistency and humidity of the ingredients. Siemens developed the iQ700 ovens to make this type of cooking easy, ensuring precise control of temperature and humidity level. The appliance can be managed intuitively thanks to the TFT touch display, and it is also possible to monitor and regulate cooking remotely via smartphone or tablet with the Home Connect app. Siemens has designed two different types of steam ovens: the fullSteam ovens (which use 100% steam cooking to cook in a healthy and delicate way, so the dishes keep their appearance unchanged and become crispy outside and juicy inside) and addedSteam ovens, which add steam to the heat for better cooking results. Furthermore, these products do not forget aesthetics: the black glass with brushed stainless steel finishes and details gives these appliances a sophisticated design.