The results of the survey “Italians, savings and good practices”


Samsung has communicated the results of the study “Italians, savings and good practices”, promoted by the company in collaboration with Human Highway and carried out on a sample of over 1,000 people aged at least 18 years. The topic of consumption was central for consumers, so much so that more than two out of three respondents (69.5%) declared themselves extremely attentive to limiting it and are willing to change their lifestyle. In particular, among the attitudes that have changed the most in the last two years are attention to electricity consumption at home (55.6% of those interviewed), attention to food waste (52.2%) and attention to water consumption (51.8%). It is clear that the concern linked to the current economic conditions weighs more and more on the lifestyle of Italians. As regards to the anti-waste remedies, one in two respondents uses the household appliances (such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers) only at times when they consume less (51.3%). Besides, 22.7% say they want to rely on a single app that helps track the turning on and off of appliances and lights in a connected ecosystem. If consumers leave home for a long period, there are two measures that the majority of Italians take: turning off the lights (74.6%) and turning off the gas tap (63.8%). One in two respondents also turns off the main water tap or turns down/off the heating and turns off the air conditioning in summer. One in four respondents also lowers the refrigerator temperature.
Considering the characteristics that are looked for in an appliance when purchasing, in the first places are reliability (and therefore the certainty that the appliance will last a long time) and the energy class (which surpasses the price). The eco and saving functions also make their way. Finally, the refrigerator emerges as the appliance that helps most in terms of energy saving (29.4%), followed by vacuum cleaners (26.2%) and washing machines (24.1%), used consciously at specific times.