Electrolux 500 Cordless Cleaner: 5 colors for different cleaning needs

Electrolux 500 Cordless Cleaner, ES52B21GRN model

Electrolux’s new 500 Cordless Cleaner range includes five vacuum cleaners, designed to meet specific needs. The ES52CB18OG model, in Ocean green colour and equipped with a power of 18V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz, is particularly silent thanks to the noise level of 79 dB(A). This product features a 5-stage filtration system, 0.3 liter dust container and several accessories such as the multi-surface brush, telescopic tube and crevice tool. The appliance is also available in the dark gray aesthetic variant (ES52CB18DG).
The 500 Cordless Cleaner White (ES52CB18SH) is made with 58% recycled plastic and is able to clean any surface, removing dust and fine particles. The use of sustainable materials is even more significant in the 500 Cordless Cleaner Black (ES52B21GRN), produced with 74% recycled plastic. As the dust container fills up, performance does not decrease: in fact, the latter has been entirely redesigned to guarantee optimal performance for a long time, even with the accumulation of collected particles.
Finally, with a power of 21.6V, the 500 Cordless Cleaner Denim blue (ES52CB21DB) represents the best performing model of the entire range. Developed to meet the need to optimize the time available, it offers autonomy of up to 50 minutes with a full charge at low speed.
The new models are equipped with the Brush Roll Clean function, which is a self-cleaning system that allows to cut hair easily, freeing the appliance from knots.