Italcoppie Sensori: Ho.Re.Ca. solutions rely on over 40 years of experience

Steam wands

Italcoppie Sensori is a temperature sensor manufacturer that started its activity in 1978. “We supply – the company explains – temperature measurement solutions (thermocouples, Pt100 and Pt1000 resistance thermometers, NTC sensors etc.) for various industrial applications and in particular for Ho.Re.Ca. professional equipment”. The wide know-how of the company serves different segments: cooking, cooling, coffee machines, dish-washing machines. In particular, for the ovens (combi-steamers, electrical ovens, Pizza ovens) Italcoppie Sensori realizes resistance thermometers and thermocouples for chamber temperature and product-core temperature with up to six measuring points. And for professional fryers, the company offers probes for oil temperature and safety application.
As regards to the cooling segment (blast chillers, refrigerators, ice makers, granita and frozen drink makers), Italcoppie Sensori manufactures probes for cooling control and for product-core temperature with up to four measuring points with optional defrost heater for easy extraction.
Another sector served by Italcoppie Sensori is that of professional coffee machines, for which the company produces steam wands with or without integrated temperature sensor, available in the “U Can Touch” version and now also in the new “U Can Touch+” (thermal insulation by vacuum) version, hot water dispensers, boiler probes etc. Finally, the company also realizes probes for boiler and tank temperature applications for dish-washing machines.