Fimap: new EMx scrubbing machine with “green” technologies


EMx, the latest addition to the Fimap range of scrubbing machines, is a compact walk-behind model. With a working width between 43 and 50 cm, and 3 types of brush head (disc, cylindrical or orbital), it satisfies the needs of an extensive part of the professional cleaning market, covering various sectors. The AQUÆ technology, for cleaning without chemical detergents, transforms normal softened tap water into a cleaning and sanitising solution with a hypochlorous acid base. “When activated by the electrolysis process – the company explains – this base is able to oxidise the organic substances that make up the dirt, which therefore breaks up when it comes into contact with the solution. The mechanical action of the scrubbing machine then lifts the residue up and collects it. The floor is left clean and also sanitised by the antibacterial properties of the hypochlorous acid. With this technology, EMx can clean about 90% of the places it is intended for, without any need for chemical detergents. The environmental advantage is enormous, as is the economic one, and not forgetting greater safety given the absence of dangerous substances”. Besides, the ecological focus continues with the recycled plastic tanks, certified as ReMade in Italy. “The recycled material used is exclusive to Fimap, and guarantees the same durability and reliability as new plastics – the company says –. This version of EMx is entirely black, bearing witness to its ecological nature: in fact as the material is recycled, the inside is covered with polymers of varying tones, so black is the only possible choice to ensure uniformity”. In addition, thanks to the use of the Hepa filter, EMx can remove particles up to 0.3 μm from the air taken in while the machine is working, so clean air is then delivered back into the room. Another plus of the machine is the remote monitoring system FFM (Fimap Fleet Management). “Apart from providing real time data about consumption and the working mode, so the supervisor can ensure there is no waste or incorrect use for the cleaning job in hand, it also records the CO2 emissions produced by each single model of the fleet – Fimap highlights –. This information is vital for those wanting to reduce or even eliminate the negative impact of their work. It includes the new Mission Control Part Program which allows a weekly cleaning program to be sent directly to the machine, ensuring that every task is in line with the predefined goals and reducing the risk of human error when configuring the cleaning settings. To maintain high productivity levels, the job check is increasingly detailed thanks to the other new function, Indoor Tracking, that enables the machine to be tracked inside a building to know which areas it has already cleaned and which are yet to be done”. Finally, EMx can be used with lithium batteries. “Compared with traditional batteries, they require less energy when recharging but deliver more when in use – Fimap says –. In addition, they have a much longer working life as they can sustain more than twice the number of recharging cycles. They don’t need any maintenance, which means greater safety because there’s no contact with dangerous liquids”.