Beko: a complete range of “green” appliances

BDIN38660C dishwasher

To support the change in lifestyle towards more environmentally friendly behaviors, Beko has created efficient and anti-waste appliances that cover different product categories: from washing to cooking, up to food storage. Starting with the BDIN38660C dishwasher in class A for energy efficiency. “It is one of the first dishwashers on the market to reduce the energy consumption per cycle by 35% compared to machines in class A+++ according to the previous energy labelling”, the company explains. Also the BDIN386E4AD model is in class A, besides it integrates the AutoDose system which automatically adjusts the quantity of gel detergent and rinse aid based on the selected program and the degree of dirt on the dishes. “With a single tank charge – Beko says – it is possible to carry out up to 23 washing cycles, without further intervention”.
As regards to the cooking, the BBIM13500XPSW multifunction oven (Beyond range) allows user to cook different dishes on 3 levels at the same time, optimizing energy and time and without mixing odors and flavours. Another advantage of this product is the A+ energy class.
Besides, the HIXI64700UF induction hob stands out for its integrated extractor hood, which offers four power levels and has an A energy class. Thanks to the Power Management function, this appliance allows to efficiently manage the energy consumption, keeping it within certain limits. This function allows to adjust the power absorbed by the induction hob, offering a range of options ranging from 1.2 kW to 7.4 kW.

HIXI64700UF induction hob

As regards to the Cooling segment, the Combi B5RCNE366HBX refrigerator (Beyond design) features the AeroFlow system (Total No Frost). This innovation prolongs the freshness of food and reduces direct contact with cold air, ensuring lower environmental impact, absence of unwanted odors, temperature stability and ideal humidity. The product is also equipped with the ProSmart Inverter compressor that guarantees faster cooling, lower energy consumption and reduced noise compared to traditional models.
On the clothes washing front, the BWU594AB washing machine (Beyond range) has a load capacity of 9 kg and stands out for its energy class A-30%. In the new washing machine models there is a drum with recycled PET plastic. Furthermore, thanks to the Aquatech technology, which pre-mixes the detergent with water and sprays it directly on the clothes, gentleness on fabrics and saving of time and energy are achieved. Finally, the BT593IB dryer obtained the A+++ class. It guarantees high efficiency, long life and low noise thanks to the ProSmart Inverter motor. In addition, the product is equipped with a sensor that automatically adjusts the drying time based on the selected mode.