Galvamet HUB, winner at the Archiproducts Awards


The HUB hood by Galvamet is among the winners of the Archiproducts Awards for its commitment to sustainability. “This recognition – the company commented – celebrates not just the unique design of HUB, but also our company’s commitment to a greener future. The Archiproducts Award is a symbol of excellence and innovative vision in the world of design, and it is an honor for us to receive such an accolade”. The hood (120 and 160 cm) is equipped with the anti-odour filter with Plasma technology that allows the elimination of up to 95% of odors and up to 99% of viruses, microbes and bacteria present in the air. Furthermore, the filter will not have to be replaced or regenerated like a normal activated carbon filter: its duration is over 10 years thus allowing for considerable cost savings. “The elimination of odor no longer occurs mechanically by absorption – the company explains – with the consequent short life of the carbon filters, but through the oxidation caused by the Plasma which decomposes them at a molecular level. The result of this decomposition is: oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, which means pure air”. The appliance presents touch screen controls + remote control, adjustable and delayed self-switching off, light indicator for anti-grease filter maintenance and dynamic lighting.