Samsung Jetbot AI+, the robot vacuum cleaner with Artificial Intelligence


Samsung Jetbot AI+ is a robot vacuum cleaner that integrates the Artificial Intelligence. It has an Intel processor and the Jet AI Object Recognition technology that identifies and classifies different types of objects and furnishings and maps their location. A LiDAR sensor detects the distance from the objects and walls and traces a path that allows the robot to move precisely, while a 3D sensor recognizes the difference between the objects, detecting even the smallest ones and recognizing the planimetry of the room to carry out the maneuvers easily. The advanced digital inverter maximizes the 30W suction power of the Jet Cyclone system, capturing both dust in the air and dirt on the floor. When the cleaning session is finished, the appliance automatically returns to its Clean Station, integrated in the charging station, allowing to remove the dust from the tank thanks to the Air Pulse technology. The product is connected: through the smartphone and the Samsung SmartThings app, user can monitor the robot vacuum cleaner remotely to plan cleaning or to set the “no-go zones”. Jetbot AI+ is also equipped with a camera: the consumer can therefore connect via smartphone, when out of home, and monitor the home and any pets.