Winning synergy between product and service


Cimbali Group undertakes a new course of its industrial story with a renewed corporate identity, the offer diversified by business typology and a broad range of services addressing professionals.

New company name, new image and new vision for Cimbali Group, among the leader manufacturers of professional machines for coffee and milk-based drinks and of equipment dedicated to cafeteria with the brands LaCimbali, Faema, Slayer, Keber and Casadio. With a reviewed logo that defines its image (a modern monogram with simple and essential lines) and the new corporate colours of teal and copper, Cimbali Group puts people’s and HoReCa world’s requirements at the core of its growth strategies, through an integrated approach between added-value products and services.
Innovation and sustainability are the key words. In 2023, over 5% of the Group’s turnover has been invested in the research and development of new forefront technologies, of process and service digitalization and sustainability. Starting from this approach, exploiting the potentialities of IoT the company has ideated the Global Remote Service Program, in collaboration with TeamViewer, connectivity software that allows a remote interaction with the machine to optimize the after-sale service and the customer experience. The touchless Cup4you–Evo interaction is the application that, through a Wi-Fi connection, offers a new interaction with super-automatic machines. Art.IN.Coffee is a data reprocessing platform to achieve advanced information about the consumption of drinks, the monitoring of the main operation parameters of machines and useful information to optimize the energy saving. Novelties include also Machine API, digital “open” solutions that allow users to develop autonomously their own digital Application/Solution for the interaction with machines, and to integrate it easily inside their own digital systems, simplifying the whole coffee experience, from the drink selection up to the payment.
At the core of the innovation course of Cimbali Group there is the new organization by business segments: Bars and Hotellerie, Chains, Office Coffee Service (OCS) and Home, with broad ranges of espresso machines (traditional and super-automatic), grinders, digital services (apps for professionals and for lovers), solutions and accessories.

LaCimbali M40

Novelties for bars and coffee shops comply with this strategic asset, such as, among the others, the new LaCimbali M40, mid-range espresso machine made with recyclable materials by 94.4% and a high energy saving, in terms of both overall consumption and during the Ready to Use (66%) modality. LaCimbali Project app allows setting up use parameters from remote and also the Sensory Function is available, feature to experiment various recipes according to one’s own requirements through the sensorial analysis. For the Chains segment, LaCimbali S30 is ideal for quickservice restaurants (QSR), with high performances for 300 cups a day, assuring high quality in cup, and remote control through the bidirectional telemetry and the Cup4You app. It proposes a wide and variegated offer to satisfy all tastes: it can in fact dispense recipes based on cold- or hot-frothed milk, with HQ Milk technology to obtain a milk foam with the suitable consistency.
The service by Cimbali Group for the Office world includes the Cup4You app and the Machine API, with touchless interaction with all LaCimbali and Faema super-automatic models. Trough the scanning of a QR Code it is possible to get associated with one or more machines, to visualize, to customize one’s own drink and to start its dispensing. The application also allows saving the preferred recipe on our own smartphone or tablet and to require it to the machine whenever we wish. The payment takes place through tokens (credits) or VPOS or Digital payment. Moreover, the app has been integrated with new specific functions for contexts of self-service use, including Offices and Hotels.

LaCimbali S-Lite

The Not Only Coffee segment (convenience stores, small Offices, Hotels and B&B) – where generally end-users have not the same professionalism as a barman and search for user-friendly use and maintenance, and a “self-service” approach – is addressed by the compact super-automatic LaCimbali S-Lite machine, with capacity of 80 cups a day. S-Lite is equipped with a customized interface and relies on a series of digital services such as the Art.IN.Coffee, the Global Remote Service Program, in collaboration with TeamViewer, and the Cup4You app.

Faema X Compact

By Faema, the super-automatic X Compact for the “entry-level” segment, with design in line with the Family Feeling Faema, customized interface and enabling of digital services such as Art.IN.Coffee, Global Remote Control and Cup4You apps.