New BRA.VO S environmental sensors from Vortice


Vortice‘s Smarthome catalog is enriched with BRA.VO S, a connected device to control the indoor air quality. It measures the main environmental parameters and the pollutants (temperature, humidity, VOC, PM2.5, PM10 and CO2), and is available in four versions. BRA.VO S projects a yellow light on the support surface and at the same time sends a notification to the smartphone when it detects that the concentration of at least one of the pollutants is too high. The product works with Apple HomeKit and also has a dedicated “Vortice HRU IoT Systems” app. Through the Wi-Fi network, the sensor can connect to the BRA.VO M single-room heat recovery unit, to the BRA.VO Q system and to the IoT centralized heat recovery units of the NETI and FLAT series: it can automatically modulate their operation based on the concentrations of pollutants present in the rooms.