Pastry and bakery segments: the technologies of Unox BAKERTOP-X Digital.ID


For pastry and bakery cooking processes, Unox realizes BAKERTOP-X Digital.ID (in the picture the model XELA-10EU-EXRS), a professional combi oven with intelligent technology. The product is suitable also for gastronomy cooking processes and is ENERGY STAR certified for its low-consumption performance and waste reduction, also thanks to its automatic washing system with recirculation. BAKERTOP-X has a cooking chamber moulded in 316L steel and an integrated RO.Care water filtering system that eliminates the need of external treatments. It is equipped with a microphone to enable voice control and interaction with Unox’s Corporate Chefs to receive cooking assistance directly through the interactive panel. The Digital.ID operating system allows to save the favourite settings on the account and to transfer them from an oven to another in a few seconds. Besides, with the Digital.ID app, it is possible to control the product through smartphone as well as customise the account. In detail, the product presents various advanced features: ADAPTIVE.Cooking automatically adjusts the cooking parameters according to the food load to ensure repeatable results, and SMART.Preheating sets the temperature and duration of the preheating according to the previous modes of use, while SENSE.Klean estimates the degree of dirt of the oven and suggests the most suitable automatic washing. The energy-saving function (SMART.Energy) minimises water, electricity or gas consumption in programmes exceeding one hour of cooking time. This function recognises the absence of food in the cooking chamber and activates the stand-by mode reducing temperature and consumption. Besides, it analyses the oven usage to provide energy-saving tips (e.g. it warns that the oven door has remained open for too long). Finally, the HEY.Unox voice recognition technology allows to give commands to the product and receive audio-visual feedback directly on the panel, while the OPTIC.Cooking technology enables the oven to recognise food and automatically start the appropriate programme when cooking in MULTI.Time mode.