A smart device for the air quality detection


E-Air Smart by Everel Group is a smart device for air quality detection, to be installed in home and living spaces. The control of air exchange is based on values of the detected parameters: temperature and humidity, the level (ppm) of CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The detection of these parameters allows – through the implementation of a regulation algorithm – to automatically control the ventilation units in the room (or rooms) by modulating the fan speed, to guarantee optimal air exchange and reduce both energy consumption and heat dispersion. “This feature – the company explains – is possible thanks to a system based on smart components connected to a wireless network with cloud services in which E-Air Smart and a ventilation unit (or more units) equipped with Everel BLDC motor are part of”. E-Air Smart can be placed on a flat surface or hung on the wall for easy control. Interaction with E-Air Smart is accessible through the rotating ring that constitutes it. The product shows the detected parameters via a 1.54’’ inch monochrome display that uses E-Ink technology.