“Right to Repair”, directive coming soon

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The road towards the reparability of household appliances is becoming increasingly smooth. With the agreement reached between the European Parliament and the Council, the introduction of the new directive proposed by the EU Commission that will enshrine the concept of “Right to Repair” is taking shape, with the aim of strengthening policies in support of consumers and, on a broader scale, those aimed at sustainability and the circular economy. The main points of the European directive include the obligation for manufacturers to allow the repair of appliances (such as washing machines, hoovers and mobile phones, but the list may be extended) even beyond the warranty period, plus the availability of a repair within a reasonable time and cost and an additional one-year extension of the warranty for those who choose to repair the good instead of replacing it. Transparency and communication with the consumer on spare parts and their availability at reasonable prices will also be at the centre, with a ban on obstacles for independent repairers to prevent the use of second-hand or 3D-printed parts. European repairers will provide consumers, via a single form, with all information on the conditions for repairing goods with transparent information on time, costs and replacement products. On the other hand, a special online platform will provide citizens in the various Member States with a list of the nearest repairers, as well as resellers of reconditioned used goods or companies interested in buying damaged or defective products.