Safer brazing with Oweld oxyhyrdogen gas generators


Oxyweld is an Italian manufacturer of oxyhydrogen gas generators for brazing. The company today supports numerous producers in the HVAC-R industry, from small-medium companies to main multinationals. Oxyweld’s brazing technologies turn distilled water into gas and replace the conventional oxy-fuel cylinders (i.e. the most common oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane or oxy-natural gas). Thanks to the flame’s properties, this environmental-friendly system is specific for copper, brass, aluminum, steel brazing and it can braze from small capillaries up to big diameters.

Diego Andreetta, Oxyweld Sales Director

«Oxyweld doesn’t deliver just a product – says Diego Andreetta, Oxyweld Sales Director – but a turnkey solution from the initial brazing consultancy to the installation and training to reach zero leak target. In these past years we have also supported several manufacturers in the booming heat pump industry, where our deep technical experience gained in the field is extremely appreciated».

Oxyweld maintains a global presence in over than 75 countries with extensive local coverage through dealers and service centers strategically located in key manufacturing regions around the world.