MCE 2024 | LG will unveil its new Dualcool air conditioner


LG Electronics will reveal its new Dualcool residential air conditioner at MCE 2024. The Soft Air function, created in response to consumer feedback, lets users enjoy customized cooling and indirect breeze. When the function is activated, the lower vane closes so that air is discharged through the front-facing outlet only. Rather than being directed at sitting or standing height, the airflow moves downward from the ceiling for a gentler cooling experience. Incorporating the Dual Vane system, the appliance sends warm or cool air in multiple directions. “Its two independent vanes – the company explains – help extend airflow range to an impressive 22 meters; a 22 percent increase compared to previous models. It also outperforms single-vane solutions by up to 23 percent in cooling and 6 percent in heating. Moreover, the new air conditioner prioritizes user comfort with its effective airflow delivery method: channeling air upward and outward from above head-height when cooling, and sending airflow down toward the floor when heating”.
The model also employs the Human Detection Sensor, which detects the distance between the air conditioner and the room’s occupants and changes airflow mode (direct or indirect) accordingly. Users can adjust the sensor’s settings so that, based on their proximity to the indoor unit, the Dualcool will produce either direct, indirect or strong airflow.

Besides, the air conditioner, equipped with the Dual Inverter Heat Pump Compressor, as well as various smart energy management features, can help lower the cost of household climate control. “Achieving an A+++ European Energy-related Product (ErP) rating – the company adds – the new model offers year-around efficiency with a 9.5 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) in cooling operation and 5.1 Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) in heating. Dualcool users can save energy by setting up electricity-usage target with the kW Manager. Through the ThinQ app, it makes it possible to monitor energy consumption in real time and can alert the user if the target they’ve established has been exceeded. Through regularly monitoring electricity usage and analyzing operating information, the kW Manager is able to determine the most energy-efficient range of operation for a variety of different scenarios. Offering another way to help reduce running costs, the Dualcool’s Human Detecting Sensor automatically puts the air conditioner in energy-saving mode if no one is detected in the room. Meanwhile, the Window Open Detecting feature can prevent energy waste as well, activating energy-saving mode if the temperature in the room suddenly rises or falls”.
Finally, the Auto Cleaning feature automatically dries the Dualcool’s interior, boosting hygiene by removing any moisture and preventing mold from forming. And the Freeze Cleaning feature, helping to maintain cleanliness inside the air conditioner during the colder months of the year, defrosts the heat exchanger to wash away bacteria, dust, debris and odor-causing contaminants.