EUROCUCINA/FTK 2024 | Connectivity, AI and efficiency: Samsung’s three pillars


At the Samsung stand, ample space is dedicated to Bespoke AI in an area focused on expanding connectivity (not only in the kitchen, but also in the entire home) to make everyday life simpler and more intuitive, with less effort in carrying out the domestic activities. Samsung highlights the experience enhanced by multiple screens. The AI Family Hub and AI Home – a 7-inch screen built into the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo and Anyplace induction hob – are key components of this. Through the screens, users can get useful information on the devices or get a phone call directly on the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo while doing laundry. But the most important part is that the screens enable the appliances to connect with and control other devices through the SmartThings ecosystem. For example, SmartThings 3D Map View is a three-dimensional perspective of the home that locates connected Samsung appliances throughout the house. It streamlines operations such as turning off devices and checking their energy usage.
In the Bespoke AI area, different real-life scenarios are also simulated. With the SmartThings Energy Away mode, SmartThings automatically powers off the chosen appliances and devices when users are out of home. Moreover, it also introduces energy saving solutions based on SmartThings Energy. With Optimal Charging, the robot vacuum cleaner only charges up to 60% during peak hours, while Optimal Scheduling automatically schedules the dishwasher’s cycle during off-peak hours.

Besides, the company proposes several built-in appliances. In particular, at the Premium Built-in Kitchen zone Samsung showcases three new products that feature AI, upgraded functionality and flexibility. A novelty concerns the F1rst 75 AI combined refrigerator: it is the first Samsung built-in model for 75 cm modules. In this appliance, connectivity allows to reduce consumptions by up to 10% through SmartThings AI Energy Mode. The Anyplace induction hob is another new product: it allows great flexibility for cooking across a wide portion of the appliance, reducing the “dead zones” and making the usable space larger than a conventional 4-zones Samsung induction hob. The product also includes the Intelligent Pan Detection feature that detects pots and pans by using 76 sensors to recognize them and show their position on the AI Home display.
Finally, the new Jet Clean dishwasher completes the innovations for the kitchen. Available in A and B energy efficiency classes, the appliance features the WaterJet Clean system and the Extra Silence program. In addition, the SmartThings connectivity promotes further energy savings: using Artificial Intelligence, SmartThings AI Energy Mode proactively monitors the energy consumption and allows to activate the energy saving mode. And with the Pots & Pans program the dishwasher uses up to 23% less energy.