EUROCUCINA/FTK 2024 | Falmec: design beyond the shape

Brera 75.

Falmec design pushes itself “beyond the shape” to integrate and enrich the architecture of the living spaces. The company now presents its new direction for the kitchen extraction, with an invisible design that becomes an integral part of each modular and multifunctional kitchen project. This path began with the Elements collection and continues at the 2024 edition of Eurocucina/FTK. “Going beyond the shape – the company explains – means being able to offer functional solutions in tandem with contemporary aesthetics. It’s where the suction function becomes the ‘hi-tech heart’, completely guarded and integrated, both in the cooking area and the whole kitchen with its new features. Falmec’s ultimate purpose remains the same: to make the kitchen a healthier and more pleasant place, thanks to unique solutions and technologies specifically designed to improve our daily experience in the kitchen”.