ILVA Glass’ ELECTA glass ceramic for cooktops with integrated hood


ILVA Glass produces the ELECTA glass ceramic that is suitable for cooktops with integrated hood. The slots are both circular and rectangular and are made using a water jet process in which a high pressure sand jet cuts and bores the sheet. To ensure product durability over time, all the internal edges of the buttonholes are grinded with CNC machines. “ELECTA glass ceramic – the company explains – allows maximum ease of cleaning, being made up of a uniform surface, free of obstacles and the smoothest on the market. Its chemical composition makes it particularly hard in order to avoid scratches during use (for example, by friction of the pots on the surface), while its high resistance to chemicals allows the use of normal detergents”. The identification of the cooking zones and controls is achieved through one or more graphics with various colors. “The graphics – the company adds – are permanent over time and resistant to stains, being made with enamels whose duration is guaranteed and not subject to wear due to abrasion or chemical agents, typical of the kitchen. The controls of the cooktops are touch controls, capacitive, and the interaction with the user is ensured by LEDs of various colors, which indicate the on/off status, the power of the burners, the suction speed of the hood, the cooking timer, etc. To fulfill the function, ILVA Glass ELECTA glass ceramic has chemical, physical and electrical characteristics specially optimized for the transmission of infrared and light for excellent visibility and definition of symbols and numbers”.