Lighting components for the HVAC sector


Within the HVAC sector, the demand for lighting components is based on solutions formulated according to technical specifications for light intensity, temperature resistance and an adequate degree of shock resistance. “In recent years – Slim, a company that manufactures light signaling products, explains – the sector has undergone a significant transformation, pushing manufacturers to implement substantial changes in the design and production of HVAC systems. These changes are necessary to meet new global demands, which include greater energy efficiency, the integration of sustainable technologies, and the ability to adapt to increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Manufacturers will therefore need to focus on technological innovation, adopting eco-friendly materials, and improving climate control performance to respond to the new challenges of the global market adequately”. Slim currently operates within the HVAC sector for the development of standard light indicators and switches for thermal control and water heating applications such as boilers, water heaters, chronothermostats, thermostats, and temperature controllers, especially for the domestic segment. “The lighting solution range – the company says – is mainly used in this application sector as a functional signaling system, but in recent times it has also been directed towards purely aesthetic purposes, through the creation of customized proposals. These proposals involve the use of LED strips or optical fiber to create lighting profiles that can be applied to various HVAC devices to illuminate specific details in a minimalistic and stylish way”.

Trapeziodal indicators for thermostats by Slim.