Whirlpool: new ovens from the Black Fiber range


Whirlpool‘s Black Fiber collection is characterized by an elegant stainless steel finish in a warm metallic black color and a soft textured satin finish. The range is enriched with two products with W7 aesthetics, both Made in Italy: an oven with full touch interface, 6th Sense technology and pyrolytic cleaning function, and a multifunction microwave. The W7 Black Fiber oven, thanks to the Cook4 function, allows user to simultaneously prepare up to four different dishes, which require the same cooking temperature. The LCD display with AssistedText offers intuitive access to all functions: by selecting the type of food, the oven sets the correct program and cooking time. Besides, the W7 microwave has a capacity of 38 litres and presents 8 main functions (including grill) and 29 automatic functions including SmartClean (a cycle that uses steam to dissolve dirt and clean the oven quickly) and Crisp technology. These two products are added to the W9 Black Fiber range, composed of a built-in electric oven and a microwave.