Customized solutions by EL.C.A.


EL.C.A., thanks to its team of engineers and technicians, is able to provide consulting, design and “turnkey” solutions for the production of electronic boards and customized designs in the electronic field. “Product customization and the search for innovative results are our strengths – the company explains –. Thanks to our design office composed of a team of highly qualified engineers and with many years of experience in the field of industrial electronics, we are able to meet every kind of request from a customer both from a hardware and firmware point of view”. EL.C.A. is specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic boards: the company was born in 1986 from the idea of some former employees of Brionvega to carry on their work experience by founding a cooperative. The company has grown over time and today operates in a facility of over 3,000 square meters. Besides EL.C.A., after years of study and research, has developed a great experience in the field of the Internet of Things.


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