Whirlpool at CES 2018

Whirlpool Smart All-In-One washer and dryer.

At CES 2018, Whirlpool shows how families can care in smarter ways through cooking, cleaning and washing. The Whirlpool booth showcases the latest in Whirlpool smart appliances: the Smart Front Control range and the Smart Over microwaves with Scan-to-Cook technology will integrate with Yummly to deliver a personalized cooking experience in 2018. Families will be able to control the smart range through the Yummly recipe app to integrate recipes and cooking functionality into one platform. Besides, the Smart All-In-One washer and dryer will help families keep their daily tasks going, even when they’re busy and forget about their laundry. The unit can be set to begin drying after the wash cycle completes, answering the need for less complex washing routines and providing a compact unit perfect for tight spaces where a separate washer and dryer might not fit. Whirlpool appliances also feature collaborations with Google, Amazon and Apple including: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Virtual Dash (within the connected refrigerator lineup, families will be able to order ingredients or supplies on demand, straight from their LCD touchscreens) and Apple Watch (the Smart All-In-One washer and dryer can be remotely controlled from a mobile device through the Whirlpool mobile app. Through mobile device notifications or the Apple Watch, alerts are sent once a load of laundry is complete, so no more guessing and checking in frequently only to find out the cycle is not complete). Whirlpool brand and Yummly are also bringing home three 2018 CES Innovation Awards for the new kitchen products.


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