It is the last “creature” by Loccioni Group: a system that, making use of an anthropomorphic robot equipped with the latest technologies in the artificial vision field, can execute, with absolute precision and in almost completely automated way, colorimetric and dimensional measuring of the finished product and of all of its components.
The use of an anthropomorphic robot grants extreme flexibility to the system while the adoption of a tool formed by a telecamera and by a distance sensor, both mounted on a micrometric slide, constitutes an example of “sensor fusion” able to provide very high precision 3D measures.
The use of smart software, totally customized and developed in NI Labview environment, assures an easy configuration of the system, in order to perform measures that until now have been executed manually and with scarce precision by human operators.
The average cycle time of 6/7 minutes for the complete inspection of a household appliance currently allows a statistical control on the production; the comparison between attained results and the data coming from designs allows having an immediate feedback on the quality of the production process and on its trend in time. The next challenge of Loccioni Group is the test extension to 100 percent of the production.

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