Printed circuits


Established in 1993, today Piciesse Elettronica is a very important reality in the world of PCBs.
Certified ISO TS16949, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, approved UL, RoHS, RAEE, WEEE compliant, it produces and supplies single and double face, multilayer, flex, rigid-flex and IMS printed circuits. For the latter, where it has also UL approval on the process, it demonstrates its know-how and its reliability in the Osram “Led Light For You” platform, where it is partner in thermal solutions (thermal management through substrates).
The innovative spirit of the company is also witnessed by the capability of implementing special products, such as single-face printed circuits with high copper thickness (400 µm) for automotive power applications, IMS circuits for power applications and photovoltaic, circuits based on silver through hole, silver & carbon cross over technologies for the white good industry.
The application fields supplied by Piciesse are several: automotive, indoor and outdoor lighting, emergency lights, LED lighting, safety, ventilation, thermal regulation, white goods, photovoltaic, electronics, power, videophones, musical instruments and medical.