Conversations among household appliances


Homelab Rendering1The Homelab Consortium, formed by Ariston Thermo, Bticino, Elica Group, Indesit Company, Loccioni, MR&D Institute, SPES, Teuco Guzzini and Polytechnics University of Marche, after two years of research, presented Homelab Open World, that’s to say a concrete project of information sharing among products of different nature born from several companies producing household goods. Thanks to Homelab Open World, household appliances evolve and become, from simple physical product, a digital, dynamic and flexible container. Which communicates with the other devices thanks to Open Web Net, the language chosen by Homelab to allow this dialogue to the products of the member companies and to make it accessible to enterprises that intend to join it. Today, a first group of household appliances – from refrigerator to oven, from cooktop to hood, from washing machine to lighting, from heating to mini-pool and up to systems of management, comfort and safety- are communicating one another but the uniqueness of Homelab Open World resides in its opening towards new possible partners and their products and services. Third companies that produce household goods with electrical connection will in fact have the possibility of gaining access to the Consortium, benefitting from the clarity of this language and attaining competitive strategic advantages in terms of innovation and growth of the perception of their reality as excellence centre. The new targets of the Consortium will be exactly focused on the widening of this network.