Conference “Metal sheet in man’s life: design, industry and sustainability”


2014 is the year in which the magazine “Lamiera” is celebrating its 50 years of presence in the market of metal working. From 1964 to the present day technologies have evolved, the market and its actors have changed but the importance of the metal sheet and its presence in human life have remained unchanged or even increased. From the design to industry the metal sheet is everywhere. To emphasize this concept, on May 16th during the fair Lamiera in Bologna, famous designers, subcontractors and technology experts will show what are the potential of this material and how much space there may be yet to invent new machines, new forms and new uses. The conference is open and free of charge. It’s  possible to subscribe by clicking here

Programme of the conference:
10.00 – Opening of the meeting
10.15 – Designing the metal sheet, difficulty, tips and tricks (Giorgio Aldini, XFORM)
10.30 – Case history Light Design (Ely Rozenberg)
10.45 – From the idea to the patented object – Case history furniture industry (Paolo Piuri SALD, Maurizio Di Bernardo Mobilferro, engineer Premru)
11.00 – Drilling of metal sheet for design applications (Gaetano Dellavia – Delinox srl)
11.15 – The surface finishes of stainless steel metal sheet (Luca Colombo – Centro Inox)
11:30 – Integration metal sheet and plastics, 3 case studies (Dino Bongini – company consultant)
11.45 – How to choose the right laser for the metal sheet working (Daniele Colombo, AITeM)
12.00 – The case of an “evolved” carpentry
12.15 – Subcontracting of the future (Stefano Colletta, general manager Newexplora srl)
12.30 – Questions and answers
13.00 – Closing of the meeting