Microwave ovens: the production begins


HA09_WSGO_WHIRLPOOLAfter the pilot phase in June and July has begun in recent days, in the first Whirlpool European pole of the appliance in  Cassinetta Biandronno, the production of microwaves for the market. By the end of the year will be produced 100.000 pieces, while they  will be about 400 thousand by 2015. There are in fact running two production lines, which shortly will be joined by two others. Overall, the increase in production will ensure a volume of about 2.3 million units per year over the entire site. The plan also provides for the development of synergies with the divisions of research and development, logistics and design that will lead to maximum efficiency and flexibility, allowing the company to react to market trends in the best way due to the proximity to strategic markets in Europe.