The first fifty years of Tecniche Nuove Group


Fifty years, a time frame that identifies the Tecniche Nuove Group as the result of half a century of activity in the sector of the publishing area. Fifty years of communication really robust, based on the goal of always being in “shape”, a form that point to another fifty years of communicative activity, valuable to industrial sectors is Tecniche Nuove Group.

In short, this event shows a need for continuity, but with the commitment to meet the ever changing needs of readers.

2013 09 torre Tecniche Nuove 2

We realize that communication exists a common area of meanings, positions, beliefs and expectations; just to describe and explain how they form this kind of common space, we have prepared a video to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Tecniche Nuove Group.

This document gathers the eloquent contributions that the Group has given the communication specialist.

click on the link to follow the video in Italian language.