Mathieu Lehanneur appointed as chief designer of Huawei

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur

Chinese company Huawei announced the French designer Mathieu Lehanneur as chief designer. In doing so, the global player affirms its strong strategic positioning in product design. Mathieu Lehanneur will lead the Aesthetics Research Center (ARC) in Paris: “heading up this research and innovation unit comprising around twenty designers – explains the company in a official note – Mathieu Lehanneur will inspire and bring coherence to each branch of the brand’s products. He will unify all points of contact between Huawei and the user. The aim is for all Huawei products to have a unique and symbolic hallmark, on an international level. The ARC’s purpose is to creatively, aesthetically and strategically stimulate Huawei’s engineers and designers as a whole to adapt the group’s vast technological expertise (over 2,000 patent applications per year) towards the progression and aspirations of users. On the forefront of international design scene, Lehanneur is one of the few designers in his generation able to embrace a multitude of technological, functional and formal fields of activity. His innovative objects and architecture combine design, technology, science and art to achieve maximum welfare for its users”.