The development of the Additive Manufacturing


3d printerIn Brussels, the technological development is on stage. On June 23rd, at the European Parliament, they will in fact deliver a conference on the additive manufacturing, where enterprises, institutions of the European Union, think tanks and the machine tool sector will discuss how it might be possible to implement the large-scale industrialization with the additive manufacturing quickly and conveniently, and how this disruptive technology might share in creating utmost value for economy and society. The additive manufacturing will be faced from the point of view of technology, of markets, of the economic development and of sustainability. Besides, in the successive session, speakers will examine business conditions and the regulatory framework in Europe, as well as their impact on the additive manufacturing development. The discussion will focus on the role of government, industry, academic world and research communities for the development and the opportunities offered by the additive manufacturing. The event is organized by Cecimo, the European machine tool association.