Cooking, what a passion!


We realized long time ago that cooking is becoming more and more attractive, observing not only the contents released by media but also the trend in daily behaviours. Now, this trend is confirmed by the figures provided by a research carried out by Gfk for Expo Milano. The research, which has investigated just consumers’ behaviours towards food, was accomplished in the second half of 2014 on a sampling of 27,000 people in HA_NL_GFK22 Countries, has highlighted a growth – on a global scale – of the passion for cuisine and cooking skills.

Steeply rising the number of consumers who state to be delighted with the food preparation, sharing experiences and opening a further gap compared to those who deem food and cooking as primary resource for surviving. More and more developed also culinary styles and rites, thanks to state-of-the-art household appliances that half the food preparation time and consequently facilitate this cultural shift, too.

In all 22 sample Countries, 37% of the female population and 27% of males declared they are fond of food and cooking. Italy ranks on the top of the podium and leads the ranking with 43% of consumers declaring their passion, followed by South Africa with 42%, Indonesia and Mexico with 20% and by India with 39%. The list however changes if we consider single Countries. A big gap is in fact generated between the effective passion for the food preparation and the cooking experience, with results that drop down Italy to the seventh place in the ranking, led by South Africa and India, followed by Turkey, Ukraine and Indonesia.

All that involves repercussions on the market: even if slight market shrinkages persist, especially among big appliances, emerge highly dynamic trends among small appliances, which are driven by kitchen robot sales followed by mixers, centrifuges and immersion blenders. A trend that grows hand in hand with average consumers’ bent for spending more than in the past for state-of-the-art products and the consequent average price rise. In the light of this research, too, it is not surprising that, concerning Big Appliances, the fields scored better performances than the Cooking one, in countertendency with the negative trends of the previous years, with top sales achieved by induction hobs and pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens.