Smart technology for the food cooking



They signed at Lombardy Region the agreement for the competitiveness aimed at developing a smart technology in the food cooking.

The agreement, which is framed inside the programme of actions and interventions with which the Region intends to favour the appeal and productive investments in the Lombard territory, concerns the Whirlpool site at Cassinetta di Biandronno, identified by the industrial plan of the household appliance multinational as European hub for built-in products (cooking and refrigeration) and following the agreement protocol between the Lombardy Region and Whirlpool Europe srl in October 2013.

The “Smart Food” project concerns the development of an innovative technology of microwave cooking – currently not available on the market – that matches more conventional cooking technologies, allowing a better control of food cooking in domestic environment and granting at the same time the reduction of alimentary wastes and of energy consumptions. For the development of the said technology, it is necessary to carry out a research activity lasting 24 months, with the involvement, besides Whirlpool, of scientific partners like Milan Polytechnics, Milan and Padua Universities.