ERP supports producers of eco-friendly electronic devices


erp logo_erpERP (European Recycling Platform) aims to poposes itself as an ideal partner for producers of eco-friendly electronic devices. Its technical standard TS.EW.001 for WEEE recycling operators has recently been recognized as a compatible audit standard to fulfil EPEAT end-of-life requirements for the category of PCs and displays. EPEAT is a global rating system for greener electronics. «End-of-life management requirements are an important part of EPEAT, among which the requirement “auditing of recycling vendors” is increasingly gaining importance – explains ERP -. Among the eligible recycling standards, ERP’s standard is acknowledged for all EU and EFTA countries. As of today ERP has already certified 34 recyclers according to this standard in 9 countries. ERP’s TS.EW.001 standard defines minimum requirements to be fulfilled by treatment operators conducting activities of WEEE handling, storage and treatment. With its regular ambitious audits of the recycling vendor chain, ERP ensures that the service offered to its customers and members complies with the legal and statutory requirements and ERP’s own high quality requirements. To achieve EPEAT certification, producers have to fulfil 10 strict sets of environmental attributes, from design to production to longevity for each product. With its proven high quality end-of-life management, ERP supports its customers with certification in order to promote their products by empowering consumers, resellers and others to easily identify environmentally preferable electronic and electrical devices».