Siemens sensoFresh: technology against odors


The sensoFresh program is the new goal achieved by Siemens in the laundry care and represents all the iSensoric technology “embodied” in a new range of washing machines that provide the most appropriate treatment for every type of fabric. The sensoFresh program, integrated in the new iQ700 washing machines, is able to remove the bad smells efficiently and safely even from the most delicate clothes and non-washable textiles. In just 30-45 minutes, it neutralizes the odors composed by protein molecules that paste to the fabric, and it removes them effectively thanks to the active oxygen applied to the clothes without water. In addition, the drumClean program is designed for cleaning the drum and prevents the odors in the washing machine: it uses active oxygen so that the odors do not accumulate, causing the creation of bacteria.


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