ABenergie has launched DiCE


ABenergie, producer and supplier of renewable electricity and natural gas operating in Italy, presented DiCE, a new IoT system for the electricity management. DiCE allows user to monitor the energy consumption, through a simple and intuitive management of the appliances that require power supply. The DiCE system consists of 4 elements: lamp, App, DiReader and DiGateway. The lamp is able to interact with the user through simple hand movements. With light signals DiCE helps the consumer to use the energy in a conscious way: if the light is green, the consumption is at an average level, calculated according to the seasonality and consumption habits. When the consumption increases, the light changes and becomes red and flashing if the power is reaching the maximum level and there is the risk of blackout. The App enables the user to access a series of data and information about the electricity consumption, while the DiReader is the reader of electricity consumption. Finally, the DiGateway is the control unit that transmits the data reported by the reader to the lamp and to the App. Marco Acerbis is the designer of DiCE, selected in the ADI Design Index 2017.