Olimpia Splendid simplifies the air conditioning management


On the occasion of the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort trade fair, Olimpia Splendid presents the new Split WI-FI and Unico WI-FI kits and the new air conditioners equipped with integrated Wi-Fi. The new Wi-Fi systems designed by Olimpia Splendid allow to monitor, adjust and program (from smartphones or tablets) the Aryal and Nexya splits and the Unico air conditioners thanks to an app available for iOS Apple and Android.
As regards to the Wi-Fi kit for Nexya and Aryal splits, an optional kit allows to remotely manage the functionality of one or more splits thanks to the new Olimpia Splendid Split app. This new technology can also be used on already installed air conditioners. The installation is simple and does not require the support of qualified personnel. Through the app the user can view the ambient temperature on the smartphone display and set all the operating modes and also the special functions. Furthermore, it is possible to program the timer.
The Aryal S1 E Connect model, the latest Olimpia Splendid product in the Aryal range, already boasts a Wi-Fi integrated system that allows the newly installed split to be managed directly via the app.
Finally, the installation of the optional kit for the remote control of the Unico air conditioners without external unit requires the assistance of a qualified operator, but it is extremely easy and fast. The connection is made by the user via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, thanks to the new app developed by Olimpia Splendid. Through the app it is possible to remotely manage all the operating modes of the air conditioner and view the machine alarms: the data error or the anomalies can be seen directly in the Olimpia Splendid Cloud giving the possibility to carry out a remote technical assistance intervention.