First sustainability standard for household dehumidifiers


Aham, CSA Group, and UL Environment announced the release of “Aham 7008-2018/CSA SPE-7008-18/UL 7008-18, Sustainability Standard for Household Dehumidifier Appliances”, the first voluntary sustainability standard for household dehumidifiers. The environmental performance of dehumidifier appliances is commonly evaluated on the environmental attributes of electricity consumption during use. This standard takes a broader, multi-attribute, and more holistic approach to assessing the environmental impacts of dehumidifier appliances. The multi-attribute approach was developed using life-cycle assessment information along with other key factors such as hot-spot or hot-button analyses influencing product environmental performance. The standard considers the environmental impacts of household dehumidifiers in five key areas (materials, energy consumption during use, manufacturing and operations, end-of-life, and innovation): it will serve as an objective and practical measurement tool to assist home comfort appliance manufacturers in evaluating the environmental sustainability of home appliances.