A Master to become “smart” middle manager for Industry 4.0


In the modern working world, “smart” profiles are needed with adequate skills to face the new challenges of Industry 4.0 and to reduce the gap between “manager” and “technician”. To train these professionals, the Polytechnic of Turin proposes the 1st level Hierarchical Open Manufacturing Master for Industry 4.0, in collaboration with the University of Turin: a two-year course to guide the human resources to the technological, managerial and collaborative skills necessary to the Industry 4.0. The participation in the Master is free and is aimed at graduates (bachelor’s degree and master’s degree) in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering and graduates in Science (in the announcement the exact requirements for the admission are indicated), with recruitment with a contract of high apprenticeship by the companies involved in the project (http://www.regione.piemonte.it/apprendistato/duale_ricerca.htm).
The Master is aimed at training the professionals necessary for the HOME (Hierarchical Open Manufacturing Europe) project, in the scope of the “Bando Regionale Fabbrica Intelligente” (smart factory regional announcement). “The Industry 4.0 – comments Dario Antonelli, coordinator of the Master – is not simply a series of enabling technologies, but a different way of rethinking the role of machines and workers with a horizontal integration, among the different areas of the factory, and vertical, among the different decision-making levels of the company. The availability in real time of a previously unimaginable quantity of information on all aspects of business life will require the ability to understand and use this information and will be a fascinating challenge for those who want to seize the opportunities offered by a cross-training on all the dimensions of the digital revolution”.
For further information: https://didattica.polito.it/master/homi_4_0/2018/home