GfK launches Consumer Insights Engine


GfK has launched Consumer Insights Engine, the new solution that allows manufacturers and retailers to access numerous data relating to the buyers of Tech & Durables products. Thanks to an integrated digital platform, it is possible to directly access data on “What” is bought and “Where”, in which “Channels”. The information comes from GfK PoS surveys, enriched by information on “Who” bought and “Why”, obtained from periodic interviews and detection of behavioral data. The first available module of Consumer Insights Engine is “Consumer Journey“, which allows to have a 360° view on the online and offline purchase journey of Tech & Durables products and to analyze the consumer purchase journey for 13 countries and 19 product categories. This digital tool also allows analyzing the performance of the individual brand in the four phases of the purchasing process: need, research, purchase and evaluation. “The saturation of demand, the shorter life cycle of the products, the growing importance of the online channels, the increase in competition and the fall in prices are all challenges faced daily by Product Managers and Category Managers, but also by the Marketing and Sales teams – comments Elena Cappelletti, GfK Italy’s Consumer Insight Lead -. Daily commitments often do not leave enough time to carry out ad hoc researches. Consumer Insights Engine gives companies immediate access to information on who buys what, where and why. Through an integrated online platform, it provides answers to the Key Business Questions of manufacturers and retailers and helps identify the actions to be carried out, which may differ depending on the country and product category”. Combining information from various sources, Consumer Insights Engine offers a holistic view on the consumers’ needs, their behavior and the competitive scenario, allowing companies to optimize their go to market and identify new growth opportunities.


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