Sabaf: new communication campaign


Born to burn” is the payoff of the new Sabaf communication campaign, created by Raineri Design studio. The wordplay recalls the company’s core business and is based on these questions: “What gives shape to the excellence and the international leadership? How do we become an icon of global security and innovation”? The answer is passion, which allowed Sabaf to become an international group. The campaign communicates all the brands of the group, highlighting the various components of a constantly expanding reality. It starts with two hands approaching and extending the index fingers almost to touch each other (quote of the famous fresco “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo) with a small blue flame in the middle. The message continues with other subjects that propose the different products made by the companies of the group: Sabaf (taps, thermostats, burners), Faringosi Hinges (oven hinges), A.R.C. (professional burners), Okida (electronic control systems). The campaign will continue throughout 2019.


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