New product packaging policy


Samsung Electronics is implementing sustainable packaging practices for its products in order to reduce plastic consumption and waste. The company announced that 2019 will see it begin to switch to more environmentally-friendly packaging formats across its portfolio. This is not the first move into sustainable packaging the company has made: Samsung has been introducing environmentally-friendly packaging to its notebook computer line since 2018. Going forward, Samsung looks to expand this “eco-conscious packaging” initiative into its wider product line including its mobile devices, wearables, TVs, refrigerators and other home appliance products. Traditionally understood plastic packaging is to be replaced for 2019 by molded pulp trays (a fusion material that uses no wood fibers and incorporates waste by-products such as sugarcane residue), recycled paper containers and bags made of recycled plastic and bio-based, fossil fuel-free materials like starch. Additionally, in order to further support full-cycle sustainability, Samsung has committed to only use Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)-certified paper materials in its packaging and manuals by 2020.


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