Grundig’s strategy for sustainability


The 75th anniversary of Grundig, in 2020, is the occasion for the company to “launch” a new chapter of its history. Grundig, which aims to combine ethics, functionality and aesthetics, is renewed through a re-branding operation, both at the philosophical and image level. “It starts at home” is the claim of the new brand positioning, designed to express Grundig’s focus on sustainability: in fact it stems from the conviction that safeguarding resources starts at home. A pay off that confirms the corporate philosophy focused on the planet care and on the attention to the future. Respect, sharing and responsibility are the 3 fundamental pillars of the Grundig strategy which, if applied in the domestic context, can make the difference from a global perspective. Grundig’s goal is to encourage people to take simple, everyday gestures to pursue a better and more responsible future. A renewal of ethical intent for Grundig which, in line with the mission of the parent company Arçelik “Respecting the world, respected worldwide”, is committed to developing innovative technologies that respect the environment. Besides, Grundig is active in the fight against the food waste: at this link the video to celebrate the World Food Day.
Finally, the renewed brand image includes a distinctive color: terracotta. Even in the definition of the new style guidelines, ethics passes through aesthetics: the color code was in fact chosen to express, even visually, the authentic bond of Grundig with the earth and the respect for the environment. The communication materials will be declined according to a new trait that recalls the outline and the shape of a “House”, the starting point of the brand’s mission.