Oldrati’s Charlotte Valves: cooperation against Covid-19


The Italian creativity, even in the current difficult situation, has managed to bring important results. One example in particular, combining collaboration and innovation, is the transformation of the full face snorkeling mask into an emergency respiratory mask for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The actors engaged in this operation are numerous and they have all been actively involved so that the components of the Easy-Covid19 solution were ready as soon as possible to be then assembled and sent to all those who need it. In the initial phase, the idea came from the union of multiple experiences and needs: doctors at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 and Isinnova, an innovative development technological company. In the next phase (the creation of the Charlotte Valve and the concrete use in hospital wards) one of the protagonists is Oldrati, an international group operating in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone objects. The Group had already dealt with the production of snorkeling masks and, thanks to the collaboration with the different realities involved in the project, managed in record time to create a mold  that allows to produce the Charlotte Valve on an industrial scale with plastic injection molding. The industrialization of the valve production process is fundamental because it guarantees the dimensional accuracy and qualitative repeatability of all valves. “I have always believed in the strength of collaboration and this project is an extraordinary example – said Manuel Oldrati, CEO of the Oldrati Group -. It was not easy to decide to reopen some production departments and mentally and physically commit ourselves non-stop to this project in the situation in which we are living. However, I am honored to have collaborators by my side who immediately understood the social importance of this activity and who did not hesitate to get busy, fighting fears, anxieties and difficulties”. In addition to numerous healthcare facilities in Italy, the Oldrati Group has already received requests from Spain, France, Tunisia, Egypt and Nigeria, to which it has responded by giving its total availability. The Oldrati Group will donate 2,000 Easy-Covid19 kits and 10,000 Oldrati Charlotte Valves to the frontline hospitals in the fight against Covid-19. Institutions, hospitals, organizations and associations interested in Oldrati Charlotte Valves can write to healthcare@oldrati.com or contact the number +39 035 9160244.


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