Sabaf: new ISO 50001 certification


Sabaf Group confirms its commitment to sustainability by announcing the transition to the new edition of the standard 50001 (2018) which defines the requirements for an Energy Management System. The company explained that, just like a family, the Sabaf Group aims to keep the energy consumption under control but, unlike a family, it is able to analyze every single component that contributes to the energy consumption. The energy numbers become clear and transparent, and every machinery, lamp or accessory is evaluated with an entrepreneurial perspective but this is not so far from the home economics. The achievement of this certification update (Sabaf was already ISO 50001 certified since 2015) goes in the direction taken by the company since its establishment,making the respect for the environment one of its distinctive features. “The new ISO 50001:2018 standard – comments Andrea Poletti, Environment, Health and Safety Manager of Sabaf Group – facilitates the integration of the Energy Management System with all other corporate management systems and contributes to improving the energy management as a strategic and business element. The constant monitoring of the energy performance in the production processes allows the real-time vision of the deviations from the reference baselines. Additionally, this information will be a starting point for green changes, important for the ecosystems but also for the business economy”.